Anxiety Causes - Solutions?

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Anxiety Causes - Solutions?

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 03, 2017 11:39 am

Anxiety can either be temporary or a long-term condition depending on the sources or causes. Anxiety covers a wide range of problems like panic attacks, phobias, compulsions, debilitation nervous illness or nervous breakdown, etc. In all these problems, the body produces a lot of adrenaline, which result in symptoms that affect normal everyday life.

What causes anxiety?

Anxietycan be caused by various internal or external traumas. Sometimes, anxiety can be predisposed due to a learned, copied or genetic behaviour. Many drugs too trigger anxiety. External traumas like massive shocks, life-threatening accidents and incidents, long-term medical problems, can cause anxiety.

Various symptoms of anxiety:
Weight loss
Heart pain
Extreme tiredness

Sources: Anxiety Counselling in Chennai


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